Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Greetings, #TaLkiNg is still alive and will remain online for the forseable future. I will be maintaining low-effort upkeep in the channel until one day fading away.

See you online


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to clean a keyboard

In this post I will go over a couple of ways to clean a dirty keyboard. The methods we will cover should be simple yet effective. While it is possible to damage a keyboard with water it is often safe to use after drying completely. Waiting for a keyboard to dry is probably the most time consuming part as water tends to get trapped in the crevices deep inside. At any rate, if the keyboard was so dirty to the point of being discarded then there is nothing to lose by performing risky cleansing procedures to eke out some life from it.

Method #1: Dishwasher

This method is easy and will work on most cheap rubber membrane keyboards. In this process we will simply take the entire keyboard and place it upside-down on the highest rack in your dishwasher. A quick run through the most gentle cycle should quickly power through most of the grime and leave it sparkling clean. This is the most time effective method and well worth it if you don't mind losing the keyboard.

Method #2: Partial dismantle

If you've managed to keep your keyboard fairly clean but can't stand the few crumbs and hairs hanging out below the keys you may be able to clean a little deeper. In this case you can pop off all the keys and pass a vacuum attachment or damp cloth. In my experience even the most aggressive cleaning detergents don't seem to do any damage, but if you are unsure you can test a spot on the bottom side of the keyboard. Dish soap can be effective but a bathroom disinfectant does a more satisfying job.

Method #3: Full dismantlement

So you've bought that keyboard from the thrift shop. Yes, that grimey Model M that's been caked in cigarette ash and cola. Your only option in this case is to break out the screw driver and start taking it apart. Pop off all the keys and keep all the plastic bits separate so you can bathe them. Take a large bowl or tub and fill it with warm water and a few cap-fulls of bleach and let everything sit for an hour or so. In the mean time you can wipe down the internals with a disinfectant cloth. After you've got the internals smelling fresh, go over each of the plastic bits with a disinfecting wipe. 

The small plastic films and crevices inside of a keyboard can take up to a week to dry completely. Be sure to leave everything in a well ventilated area to speed up the process. Give the parts a good shake before you put everything back together to make sure there is not water left inside.

Time to chat

Once you have finally dried your keyboard, you can finally relax. The only thing you can do next is plug it into your computer and hope for the best. If it doesn't work on the first try do not give up hope. It is possible that there is a loose cable or some humidity. If you get frustrated it is better to try again the next day. If your keyboard is working fine then rejoice! Test all of the keys to be absolutely sure you are done. Then come and join us in the #TaLKiNg chat channel on Rizon.

See you there!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Recommended IRC Clients (Spring 2016)




Monday, October 26, 2015


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Thursday, October 15, 2015


<`-`> asm for the low level workings
<maywork> maybe over the weekend I can start a small project, a taxt adventure or something
<maywork> text
<`-`> taxt
<`-`> HOW DO I TAXT?
<`-`> You play the lowly asian account at mcbigdoucherito corp
<`-`> fighting through corp paper work and tax laws
<maywork> You've been employed at Sysco Data Enterprises as lead accountant, little do you know, the company has been laundering money for its 29 years of service
<`-`> you can level up your math, accounting, law, etc skills
<`-`> even the get money fuck bitches skill
<maywork> its up to you to fake the costs and balance the checkbooks to keep the feds off your trail
<`-`> yus

Thursday, February 20, 2014

IRC Client Poll

The #TaLKiNg staff invite you to vote on your IRC client of choice. Choose your client(s) from the poll, or leave a comment denoting your favorite. If you haven't got one, you can always join us in the webchat.

There was no clear winner, but the top four were XChat, mIRC, HexChat, and LimeChat.

Seems like everyone uses a different client, which is not surprising seeing as IRC has been around since the 1980s and there are several clients available. Have a favorite client that you're sure nobody has heard about? Leave it in the comments so we can check it out.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sound Roundup

Yesterday I came across some music that was being offered though SoundCloud. I've known SoundCloud as a decent service to share tunes online with, but unfortunately it never caught on with me. Today I decided to finally make an account. After saving the song I wanted, I went on to browsing around for more. What I have found has been pretty great so far.

The website looks like it's been redesigned, and is really nice to use. The iOS apps follow in those footsteps functioning very smoothly, even while on mobile internet. The apps work so well, in fact, that I even feel inclined to throw out some of my own sounds. In the mean time I would rather share some of the Artists that I've found interesting.




Magazine Society

Imaginary Friend

So maybe you'll find some of them interesting too, or maybe not. At any rate, I'm really enjoying SoundCloud and I look forward to finding some other interesting artists. For a more up to date list of who I'm keeping track of you can check out my profile (StarlightMaylay).